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Thailand STD Natrual Cure

June 27th, 2012

Getting a STD in Thailand is not fun. It is not easy to know what is a good cure. But have you thought about natrual cures? This book helps everybody to cure a STD or STI in a natrual way.

New strains of infective microorganisms causing sexually transmitted disease and sexually transmitted infections may develop on people undergoing long term consumption of their prescribed medications. These causative agents become resistant to the treatment resulting in failure prognosis of the patients.

This book therefore encourages the use of herbal alternatives for relief of common signs and symptoms of certain illnesses such as STDs and STIs. This also includes topics discussing the therapeutic effects of garlic and how it can be a great remedy in treating diseases like chronic herpes and other drug– resistant STDs especially when medicines and medical procedures fail.

Songkran Ladyboys Pattaya

April 19th, 2012

For some the Songkran Festival in Thailand probaly became hot. For some TV reporters it became to hot when they blame the ladyboys of Thailand to destroy the reputation

Ladyboys Thailand

Travel Pattaya

March 23rd, 2012

Pattaya is the most beautiful place in the world. It is for some people a piece of haven and for others unknown. It is one of the best and biggest tourist attractions in Thailand now from last five decade. It is situated about two hours car distance from Bangkok and one hour from Thailand national airport.

Steamy wet and dehydrated climate are the common weather in the pattaya. Which is divided into three seasons like warm and dry from November to February, hot and humid from March to May and hot and rainy from June to October. But the weather of pattaya are changing like all the climate around the world now.

There is few five star hospital, a couple of five star hotels and one central shopping center in pattaya. There are many standard dining restaurant and international bars in pattaya which is the great thinking and trying to create demand worldwide of the people who govern pattaya.

There is many route used to travel to pattaya. These are categorized by vehicles such as
1. By Car: it is about 2 hours journey from Bangkok to pattaya by car. Just follow the highway leading and keep it up.
2. By Bus. There is two different types of bus air conditioned and regular run from eastern bus terminal There is alternative route to travel Bangkok’s northern bus terminal should be used and price around 120 THB.
3. By Bus airport: many buses provide services everyday from airport to pattaya.
4. By Train: the state railway of Thailand provides regular rail services from Bangkok hua lamphong station.
5. By Taxi: taxies are available in most of the place of Bangkok and price range around 1000-2000 THB.
6. By Van: van services also available all over Bangkok but they won’t talk English and have no fixed place.
7. By Air: there is regular flight from KO SAMUI to U-TAPHAO airport, which is situated approximately 30 km distances from pattaya.


Pattaya XD Theatre 4D Motion Ride: it’s a mind blowing experience to ride a moving chair with a movement of hundred times per second in the hall like small theatre.

SFX Cinema: Its a perfect and fantastic place and low price for watching movies with thai soundtrack film ( with English subtitled thai movies) . it is situated in sixth floor of central festival park beach and opened daily.

Major Cineplex: it is an alternate cinema, which is different from the SFX for its seating place and cinema size. And it the great difference between major Cineplex and other.
There are many kind of entertainment scope would be found in pattaya like Thai Alangkarn Theater Pattaya, for foam party Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, Repley’s Believe it or not Museum Pattaya, Tiffany’s shows Pattaya and many more.

If you want to know more about Pattaya we suggest you buy the book 99 Things to do in Pattaya

Send Flowers to Thailand

February 5th, 2012

It is time to remind everybody that Valentine in Thailand is a big deal for all Thai girls. The Valentine in Thailand is almost a national holiday and i would be surprised that in a few years it will be declared a holiday. The different Thai government always create new holidays each year and sometimes i wonder if there is any normal days left. The Valentines day in Thailand is probably the next one to become a holiday.

If you want to order flowers for your Thai girlfriend the best flower shop is Thailand Flowers Delivery, they sell 99 Roses for 99 USD.

I might have said this before but you better order flowers soon

In Thailand from Russian with Love

November 20th, 2011

Will the Thai girls survive the Russian hordes of girls moving to Pattaya?
The last years have really changes the “girl” scene in Pattaya and Bangkok, the girls from the former east pact has entered the market.
In the same time the Indian and Arab tourist numbers have skyrocket in Thailand while the western tourists now looks at Thailand with disbelief. Thailand was a few years ago a safe place to travel but has now become constant warning sign at the European and American Embassies. Indian and Arab tourist used to the turmoil from home do not care much about the warning and keep coming.

The Arab and Indian guys really prefer the “bigger” girls and like girls with bigger breast and that is something the Thai girls normally lacks. But some girls to ugly for in western eyes have now entered the “girl” scene and making good money on their “ugliness”. Out of shape, sloppy with too much make up and smoking pipe the Thai girls are competing with the Russian for the Arab customers.

The Russian girls on the other hand are hiding in establishments protected by the Thai police far away from the normal tourist scene. The few that tried to work on Walking Street have already been deported and sent back to Siberia. The girls are from Russia and the countries around the that area and they cater for Thai, Indian and Arab guys in special places in Pattaya. At around 20.00 you can see them coming out from hotels and taking a motorbike to some hotel or disco in east and north Pattaya. Some of them also work as call out escorts or massage girls but never in public.

A new thing in Pattaya is the normal western guys taking a much younger Russian speaking girlfriend in the same way they would take a Thai younger girlfriend. The Russian speak better English mostly and some are very well-educated and used to deal with western culture but they still know how to treat a man.
Maybe guys are getting tired or the Thai girls scams and “I love you long time” and just want something like from Russian with love.
What do you think?

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