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How do I get my picture onto the site?

You can upload a picture directly from your computer, or from an URL. Do not send us photos via email asking us to post it for you.

The system will not take my picture! How do I get it to work?

First, make sure that your picture is under 100k. If your picture is too big, too wide, or in the wrong format, or if you need general help in getting your picture submitted, read this.

If you have disabled your browser from accepting cookies, you need to enable cookies.

If you are submitting an URL, make sure it does not end in ".htm" or ".html". If your submission ends in one of those two, you are submitting the URL of the webpage that contains the picture, which is different than the URL of the picture itself. The URL of the picture must end in 'gif' or 'jpg'!

When I try to submit a picture, I get a "Page not found" or "Server not found" error. What's wrong?

This probably means that your picture is taking too long to upload. Your file might be too big, or if you're submitting an URL, the server your picture is hosted on is slow. You should make your file smaller or find another place to host your picture.

Why wasn't my picture approved? It does not fit the criteria you list!

The moderators decide which pictures are accepted into the system, not us. The criteria listed are merely guidelines. A common reason for a normal picture not being approved is that group photos are not allowed, unless the person being voted on is clearly marked on the picture like tell us who you are.

My picture was already approved by the moderators, but now it is listed as being under review! Why isn't it approved anymore?

Your profile is sent back to the moderators whenever you update your Meet Me introduction. Pictures are also sent to be re-reviewed when the server your picture is hosted on has problems. Pictures are also sent to be re-reviewed when you change your picture without resubmitting it to our system.

I know my friends have voted on my picture already, but I don't see any votes when I log in to check my score! What's going on?

Votes are not tabulated instantly, they are counted every hour or so. Check your picture rating again later.

My friend put his/her picture on the site. Is there any way I can find it without looking through pictures randomly?

The only way to go directly to a picture is by its direct link, which your friend can give to you, you will also find it on top of the picture and the button Direct Link.

Those Bangkoksexy.com T-shirts are so hot, where can I get one and be the envy of all my friends?

You can get one buy referring more friends. We will send you one for free when we think you deserve one.

Can I get contact info for someone I saw on the site? Can you help me in any way to get in touch with someone?

Sure just upgrade you membership, you can contact the person trough the inbox. We cannot guarantee the person will answer but hey give it a try.

The admin looks so hot will you go out on a date with me?

No one ever asks this. :
(You should know that a picture I found is inappropriate (celebrity, porn, etc.)

Click on the abuse button under the picture and the moderator will look in to the problem.

Can I be a moderator?

Sure just contact us but you need to recommend a LOT of people before we even read your email.

Can I have your php and cgi scripts? Can I buy your code?

Sure for 299 $ we install a website for you just like this with all the small extras. Only the MSN and Yahoo script is 400 Dollars alone. It is a bargaaaain!

How can I contact you?

If you ask a question that is answered on this page, your email will be promptly deleted. Please read over EVERY question above before contacting us.

How do I change the email address associated with my account?

Log in and go to the email settings menu. You can change it there.

Can I change my name that shows up?

Nope, sorry! You need to delete your account for that.

Why does the link in the confirmation email not work? (Usually from AOL users)

Try copying and pasting the link into your browser.

When I click 'Yes/No' before my picture and profile are approved, do those clicks count?

Yes, they do count. However, we won't show you to the people you clicked 'Yes' to until they are approved.

Why don't you just give me a person's email address when we match?

Because that person may not be ready to give you his/her contact info yet. Do you expect a person to give you his/her phone number as soon as you meet? Why should the Internet be any different? That person can give you his/her email address, phone number, etc.. when he/she is ready to.

This way, users always maintain control over who gets to contact them, and how. It also prevents unethical website operators from using our system to rake email addresses to put you on their junk email lists.

Why can't I put contact information in my picture/profile?

Doing this enables adult website operators to use the meeting site as an advertising ground. This would decrease the chance for real matches to be made.

However if you upgrade to Super Sexy you can advertise for you website or put your email in the picture.

I was billed twice this month! What happened?

If you were billed twice (you will know this if you were sent TWO DIFFERENT transaction ID numbers from paypal), this means that at some point in time, you created a second auto renewing subscription without canceling the first.

If you made two payments, your account will have both already credited to it. You can see how much credit you have by logging in and clicking on the "membership info" menu selection.

Help, my browser gives an error when I try to go to PayPal!

If you are using Internet Explorer, go to the browser's menu bar and select Help -> About Internet Explorer. If in the window that pops up it says "Cipher Strength: 56-bit", you must either upgrade IE or use another browser that supports 128-bit encryption, such as Mozilla.

I'm receiving payment reminders but not other mail from Bangkoksexy.com


To ensure that your our email is delivered to your Yahoo Inbox (not the Bulk Mail folder), you can instruct Yahoo to filter it to your Inbox. Here's how:

  • Open your yahoo mailbox
  • click mail options (on upper right)
  • click on "block addresses"
  • In the "remove block" list, which is alphabetically sorted, look to see if the address "webmaster@bangkoksexy.com" is in there.
  • If it is there, select it, and then hit the "remove block" button below.


If you are using Hotmail, you can ensure that your our email is delivered to your Inbox by adding our "From" address to your Safe List. Here's how:

  • Click the Options tab.
  • Select Safe List. (It's under the heading Mail Handling.)
  • In the space provided, enter the address webmaster@bangkoksexy.com. Click Add.
  • When you see the address you entered in the Safe List box, click OK.


If you're using AOL, you can ensure that your our email is delivered to your Inbox by setting your Mail Controls. Here's how:

  • Go to Keyword Mail Controls.
  • Select the screen name we're sending your Bangkoksexy email to.
  • Click Customize Mail Controls For This Screen Name.
  • For AOL version 7.0: In the section for "exclusion and inclusion parameters", include the domain Bangkoksexy.com
  • For AOL version 8.0: Select Allow email from all AOL members, email addresses and domains.
  • Click Next until the Save button shows up at the bottom.
  • Click Save.

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